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New system for progressing in the club

From Beginner to Master.

During the covid-19 pandemic, as we could not hold trainings, we took care of both the reorganization of the Curriculum and the finalization of the progression system within the club.

What does this mean, concretely? 

The progression system is, in simple terms, a framework to quantify the evolution of each Student OR each Collaborator within the club. 

For Students, this means quantifying the development of their Skills, i.e. the theoretical and practical knowledge of the studied weapon. 

We now have 3 study levels in the club: Beginners, Practitioners and Experts. (More detailshere).


When a new member pays for the first time, to continue training at the club (after the free demo session), that new member will automatically enter the Beginner level, receiving the Aspirant armband. 


As soon as he passes the Evaluation for the Beginners level, he will receive the Apprentice armband, associated with the Practitioners study level. 


When he also passes this level of study, he receives the Journeyman armband, associated with the Expert study level. 


In the end, IF he manages to fulfill the draconian conditions of the Evaluation after the Expert level, he will become a Master (only one possible in the club, at any time).  

For Collaborators, the new progression system means measuring their contributions to the club. 

When a Collaborator meets the conditions for any of the (so far) 5 Roles available in the club, that Collaborator receives the badge (patch) for that Role. (<- Yes, you can also win the Founder's award, if a person establishes a new branch of the club, in another city ;) ). 

You can read all the details of the progression system within the IWHA here:

We want to end with thanks to the very talented Stefan Georgescu, who made the visual elements for the new system, in accordance with our requirements and wishes, maybe even a little over. ;) 


Good luck in your evolution in the club!

COPYRIGHT: We expressly declare that all visual insignia and images that are part of the new Skill and Role Progression System within the IWHA are the exclusive property of Iron Will HEMA Academy and we do not agree to their reproduction or use in any form , without the express written consent given by one of the club's legal representatives.

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