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Current roles within IWHA:

Founding Member

Cristian Tudose

"Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."

- Terry Pratchett

About me

I am not a man of many words. I will be brief in presenting myself. 

I have a chronology similar to that of Andrei Chirlesan.

We started practicing HEMA together at the end of 2011, self-taught.

In the summer of 2015, we joined the first HEMA club established in Romania, Societas Milites Getae (SMG), from Bucharest.


Here I continued to develop my theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to HEMA within the club's training sessions, but the individual study also continued, to the same extent, outside of them.

As a member of SMG, I also participated in the association's historical re-enactment activities, going to several festivals with a medieval / renaissance theme. 

In July 2017, we decided together with the other founders of Iron Will HEMA Academy (whom you can find here on the website), to form this new club that will focus only on HEMA and (so far) teach only one discipline: Longsword. 

Currently, in addition to being a Founding Member, I also have the role of Administrator within the club, participating in all decisions related to the management of the activities of the club, as well as of the LLC, as a legal entity.

What Andrei says that we got together with some friends who were also interested in HEMA, made "swords" from broom tails, pipe insulation, dish sponge at the top, blah blah is completely fake news. It never happened. 

And the pictures we have on our hard drive are not real either. 

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