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The Iron Will HEMA Academy (IWHA) Cup is the club's internal competition in which all IWHA Students can participate if they wish to. The purpose of the cup is for each Student in the club to be able to fight other Students over the course of a study season, which lasts approximately one year (besides vacation periods).

This way, each Student can have a clear picture of their technical skills in comparison to the others, which underpins one of the overall aims of the club: to promote as much martial behaviour as possible in sparring, given the clearly dual nature of HEMA as a discipline that has some strong martial aspects or characteristics, but is fundamentally still a sport.


Each IWHA Cup season starts early in October (the first training session in October) and ends in late August of the following year (the last training session in August). September is used for processing the results, announcing the Champion and other necessary administrative tasks. 


Statistics collected in
IWHA cup


The score annex used in 
IWHA cup


The Ruleset used in

IWHA cup

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