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Iron Will HEMA Academy is a club founded by some friends primarily out of a sincere passion for HEMA. The club objectives are subsumed by this passion and the joy of practicing the Art that we inherited from our European ancestors as best as possible. Our efforts are guided by three aims, listed below.


The concepts and techniques that we show and teach must be historically documented. That means there have to be concrete sources recognized in HEMA that support our interpretations or, if they don't support them directly, at least do so indirectly and do not contradict them.


The most important! The concepts and techniques that we show and teach must be applicable in sparring! Meaning to consistently and coherently deliver the expected results, against an uncooperative partner, in a steel sparring situation, at maximum intensity, at a competitional level.


The concepts and techniques that we show and teach are must be transferable to anyone who puts in the minimum effort necessary to grasp them. Meaning that our interpretations should not be applicable only to a certain anatomy or a certain learning style.


Keeping in mind these three guidelines, our main goal is to train people to win HEMA competitions frequently. Or at least perform notably in such contexts.

However, that doesn't mean we're not interested in HEMA research. On the contrary! We are open to collaborations with historians, archivists, museologists or anyone else interested in the theoretical and research aspect of HEMA.


We are also very interested in growing the HEMA community in Romania and we will gladly welcome any person who is passionate about this field, helping them as much as we can.

Some aspects worth mentioning about us:

  • We are the first HEMA club in Romania that has made public a concrete, clear and freely available curriculum (study plan) so that it can be consulted by all those interested, both our students and other people interested in this. You can find it here.

  • Our club provides, free of charge, for the duration of study at the Beginner and Practitioner levels, the minimum equipment necessary for any student to practice HEMA effectively and safely. It consists of: a fencing mask, specialized gloves for HEMA study with plastic simulators and a plastic sword simulator, for every Student who registers as a Beginner or becomes a Practitioner in our club!

  • We are (to our knowledge) the fourth HEMA club established in Romania and the second established in Bucharest.

Liechtenauer Portrait HIGH QUALITY.jpg
A possible representation of 
Johannes Liechtenauer
(alleged, but not 100% confirmed)

This you should grasp:
All arts have length and measure.

- Johannes Liechtenauer
(in the "Zettel")

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