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New logo!

The same symbol, the same message, a reincarnation, fresh.

During the time we were closed due to the pandemic, we finally had time to focus on improving the logo!

The artist who completed the new shape of the logo is none other than Stefan Georgescu, one of the students of the club! 

If you want to see more of his works, take a look here:​ 

Stefan delivered beyond expectations, even the smallest wishes we had and we thank him again for the wonderful collaboration!​

We know that the new logo is similar to the old one, conceptually. But after exploring several radically different concepts and perspectives, and talking among ourselves in the Administration + Collaborators, it was decided that the 3D perspective of the old logo is cool and should be kept. And that we only want to improve the logo by correctly drawing this perspective and by transforming it into a logo as minimalist and modern as possible.​

In any case, here is our new logo!

As usual, the copyright for the logo belongs to Iron Will HEMA Academy and its use without our written consent is prohibited. But if someone wants to make patches for gambeson or t-shirts with it, contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

iwha_logologo b slogan bl_1024px.png
iwha_logologo b badge circle transparent pr_1024px.png
iwha_logologo b badge circle transparent bl_1024px.png
iwha_logologo b slogan pr_1024px.png
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