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New Collaborator (Social Media)

More likes.  

WE#excitedlet's introduce her toAna Ioana Ciochia, the new person who will take care of Social Media.

Ana will take care of the club's presence on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, using the promotional materials that we will create together, at the gym.

It's super cool that we will once again have a person dedicated to this aspect, who can focus only on this, without being "distracted" by participating in the actual training, as are "our regulars", i.e. the Instructors and the Trainees.

This means that all those cool moments will not be lost when a drill comes out flawlessly, picture perfect ("paint me like one of your French girls..." and all that); or a mega-cheat comes out in sparring; or simply the people in the room are cool and meme-material, as usual.

In short, we hope that this collaboration will increase not only the online presence of the club as a whole in the HEMA community, but also of each individual in it, as a little unknown star (yet!), who is. ;) 

Ana Ioana Ciochia Profile Pic.jpg
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