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New collaborator (Biomechanics)

An efficient biomechanics is sine qua non.  

Among the new people who help the club isAdrian Negutu.

He will collaborate with us as a consultant on biomechanics, posture and physical condition.

Although it is probably quite clear what the above means, in short, it will help us:

- first of all, to understand our body and the movements it is capable of

- and then to be able to control the various joints and muscle groups as efficiently as possible, for to achieve the HEMA objectives that we propose

In this sense, Adi worked with Andrei Chirlesan (Instructor) and with Cristian Tudose (not only a founding member of IWHA "in his spare time", but also a doctor at the Urgent as his main job) on one of the articles that make up the Conceptual Framework for . Longsword (which you will find for free here on the site, when the entire Framework is ready).​

This article is appropriately called "Basic Biomechanics for the Longsword". And it currently has 132 pages (with pictures and some video links included). ;) 

In addition to the theoretical support in this article, Adi also helped us with some practical posture and stability exercises, which you will be able to "experience live" when you do the drills from Lesson 1, at the Beginner study level.

In addition to all this, Adi is so nice that he will TRY to come physically to us for training to help us "face to face" with posture and biomechanics, within the limits of his very busy schedule and the time available. ​

If you want to go and work FULLY and DEDICATED on this part of the posture (apart from the basic part that we introduced in training and which, attention, is intended to help the specific goals, of HEMA, that we have - but there are more many general areas to study), we warmly recommend that you go in your free time to the studio where Adi works, called "Postural Alignment":

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