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Coded equipment

More efficiency. 

Absolutely every item of club equipment now has a unique and easy-to-understand code written on it with a marker.



IW = Iron Will

MSK = Mask

01 = the number allocated in the inventory

This coding brings us 2 great benefits:

1. Trainees can always choose the same mask, pair of Red Dragon training gloves and plastic sword for all training. 


Which means, firstly, more efficiency in finding everyone's equipment and secondly, minimizing the situations of sharing an item of equipment by 2 or more students. 


This discount can even be zero in the case of Red Dragon gloves and plastic swords; the only potential overlaps could exist only in the case of masks, due to the sizes.


We have an equal number of size S, size M and size L, but it is possible that the distribution of Students by size, at a given moment, will be different. In any case, this scenario is also a temporary one because, in general, the more the number of students at the club increased, the more we bought the necessary masks, taking into account the specific size.


In short, we think it's good to share as little equipment as possible. And we recommend on this occasion that you personally buy at least a fencing mask. 


Until you buy your personal equipment, we will continue to have the same business model: until each student finds out if he likes HEMA and wants to continue at the club in the long term, he has everything he needs from us. to study at the first 2 levels: Beginners and Practitioners.

2. There is now no longer a risk of mixing personal equipment with club equipment.


For that you can easily check if an item belongs to the club or not. This is a non-trivial aspect, both at the gym, when we try to organize ourselves efficiently upon arrival and departure.


But, especially when we go to competitions, some students also do not have the necessary equipment and receive it from the club. From now on, they will no longer worry that they might confuse him with someone else's.

Those who were at the training before we closed due to the pandemic probably remember that this equipment coding system had started to be implemented, but it was not finalized.

We are very happy that now it is, for the reasons above.

And we ask you, in conclusion, to be disciplined when we resume training, so that we can move efficiently and always know which equipment is yours, according to its code, ok?

I also mention that absolutely ALL the equipment was washed after it was in storage for 1 and a half years and before we brought it to the new hall.

Thanks to Catalin Ungureanuwho washed most of his equipmentZoltan Feczko, who took another part, and Andrei Chirlesan, the same.

And mega-thanks to himCatalin Ungureanu, Vlad Cirnaru siAndrei Chirlesanfor the NSPE hours (8 - 10?) that they spent together with the equipment inventory and coding.

Finally, we conclude with the list of codes that we have on the equipment and on which items they are placed:


IW - JAC (Jacket)

IW - PLA (Plastron)

IW - MSK (Mask)

IW - OCC (Occipital Protection)

IW - SWO (Sword Simulator)

IW - GL (Gloves - Red Dragon)

IW - SGL (Sparring Gloves - SPES)

IW - ELB (Elbow and forearm protection)

IW - KNE (Knee and shin protection)

IW - AUX (Auxiliary equipment - MMA striking shield)

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