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Reorganization of Instructors and Administration

The only constant in Nature is change. 

When we say "Administration" in online communications and in the interactions at the gym, we use the word in its broadest sense, as a shorthand for "those who are associated in SRL and do various tasks that support the club's activity and make decisions related to the club".

We do not use it in the narrow, legal sense of "Legal administrators of the company Iron Will HEMA Academy (SRL)".

In this context, until we stopped training in March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, the club's Administration (understood in a broad sense) included: Andrei Chirlesan, Cristian Tudose, Ana Maria Petrescu, Valentin Lungu and Mioara Alexandra Mihai.

During the pandemic, more changes took place than currently:

- Mioara also retired from the Administration (not only as an Instructor, as he had already done pre-pandemic)

- Vali retired completely: both as an Instructor and from the Administration

- Ana retired from the Administration and as an Instructor, but continues to practice HEMA within the IWHA and intends to return to the club at some point, strictly as an Instructor

- Andrei and Cristi were the only ones left in the Administration; with Andrei also having the role of Instructor in the club; and Cristi also having the role of Head of Workshop of the club

- we have created within the club a new category of "IWHA Collaborators", who do not have legal and financial responsibilities towards the company (as those of us in the Administration have), but do not have final decision-making power (only advisory) and perform various tasks for strictly voluntary and benevolent club, while their opinion is taken into account as advisory, within the decision-making process.

From among these Collaborators, we are happy to announce that we have already started the process of training (in-house) 4 new Instructors who are already teaching at the Beginner study level, and will become full Instructors as soon as they earn this role. and the related badge, by actually teaching at this level of study [more related to the general progression in the club, levels of study and roles in the club in a future communication called "New system for progressed in the club"]._d04a07d8-9cd1 -3239-9149-20813d6c673b_

We thank Vali, Ana and Mioara for their efforts in the club until their retirement and for the good times spent together and we wish them success in all their future goals! 

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